Project Description

Afterhours was an off-the-clock poster party, non-profit fundraiser, creative escape and community building event. It all started with an idea to create our own poster show in Austin, Texas after discovering the lack of poster shows in Central Texas.

I was one of the co-organizers for the project and helped to lead the group down this crazy path that we soon discovered was not as easy as we initially thought. From naming and branding the event, to finding artists who would be willing to be in this never before done show, to connecting with a non-profit and getting some help in picking just thirty artists to be in the show. Needless to say it was trial by fire.

But on Nov. 5th 2015 we opened the doors to the show that took so many months, late nights and hard work to put on. And it was a huge success, the opening night we sold over $5,000 in posters, packed Lewis Carnegie and ran out of beer within the first two hours.

All in all, we raised over 9,863 meals for Central Texans. If you’re curious to read more you can get a more in depth feel for the projecthere.