I'm Cameron Sandage, you can call me Cam if you like. I consider myself a designer, but really I'm a creative tinkerer, I use design as a tool to solve problems and define experiences. Both in the digital or printed world. I'm never content to sit and watch the world turn, I'm constiently working on some side project, teaching myself a new skill or experimenting with new ways of finding a solution to an exisiting puzzle.

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Portland, Oregon, however I'm currently living and working in Austin, Texas. I'm a graduate of Portland State University with a bachelors of science in graphic design with a focus in interactive and a minor in advertising managment.

As stated before I'm a creative tinkerer, I enjoy testing out new ideas and seeing what sticks. From re-teaching myself to code, to screen printing a poster, to attempting to create a new poster show in Austin last year. I'm constently looking to challenge myself and push myself further as a designer. The world is evolving and we all need to do our best to keep up.

When I'm not engaged in some crazy project, I'm generally grabbing a beer with friends at a quiet local bar, checking out a new movie, or just binge watching something on netflix.

Find me digitally

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Work In-Progress

This site is a work in progress, it's been a long time coming and it's only recently that I've focused on it. I admit to most people I met I know enough code to be dangerous. In college I coded up to PhP but had not kept up with it and the world has changed a lot. Just wanted to call out a few friends who got me to this point where I can have a live website again.

Please check back often as I'll continue to update and put more work on the site in the coming weeks.

Mina Markham Ross Fenrick Dan Zaharia Derick Montague Brian Han

Thank you.