Some of the letters, hero image
Chain Letter Posters
Posters, Self-Initiated
Too many to list (26 designers, 6 studios, 4 countries)
Project Description

I sometimes have some crazy ideas that I attempt to launch into reality, this is one of those such projects. In the past, I had seen a few designers tagging one another with their own drop cap and tagging another to design the next letter and so on. However the project would fizzle out and die a few days into the project, and a week later someone else would try it and repeat for a while. The idea of a collaborative lettering project sounded like fun and for some reason stuck with me for a few years.

So in 2015 I decided to take something I say on Twitter and figure out how to execute it, but instead of going to the web. I decided to start with my collegues, the project was simple, tag someone you know but don't know well in one of the various studios and send the letter back to me. My initial calculations I thought this would take all of two months to complete, but it took a little longer but it was more or less about the process and learning as we all went. You can read a more indepth account of the project here if you want to get a deeper understanding of the project.

Letter A
I created the first letter, merging a slab-serif with a blackletter design
Letter I + Sketch from Brad
Sketch to final letter by Brad Neal
Gif of all the Letters
Gif of All the letters
final poster