RIO Olympic War Room Posters NIKE
Senior Creative Director — Ken Black
Project Description

During the summer of 2014, Nike was changing out the Olympic war room from Sochi to Rio. The Creative Director selected a handful of designers from around the company to help to build out the space. He had a pretty clear vision for what he wanted the war room to look like after visiting Rio a few months prior.

He wanted to bring the street art, wheat pasted aesthetic from the walls around Rio into the war room in Mia Hamm building. He wanted it so that when athletes, Olympic committee members and Nike employees came into the space they felt the vibrant energy. Each of the designers selected was given a list of athletes, slogans or both, and given a few weeks to come up with concepts and present them to the group.

I was given mostly athletes from my past and present, and I decided to pull a lot of my inspiration from the colors and styling of vintage peechee folders but I also wanted to show the energy and motion of the athlete in the posters. I then tried hand lettering after looking at a lot of the graffiti and wheat pasted imagery either we had been given or saw online. The final posters were wheat pasted onto one of the large walls of the space, while another wall was adorned with graffiti from an artist.

Eaton Poster
Farrah Poster
Felix Poster
Pele Poster
War Room Photo
War Room Photo