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Group Creative Director — Ginny Golden
Project Description

I was brought on as a contract designer to the Portland office of AKQA in February of 2014 to help with a few Nike projects. One of those projects was taking existing wireframes and creating a few high fidelity mockups for review. The project was for an internal Nike site used by the Sustainable Business & Innovation group so they can source, track and comment on documents about materials, focus areas & Nike product engines.

This project had a tight timeline, and needed quick concepts that could be executed by development without much overhauling or creation of new patterns via the Confluance UI system. Having never used Confluance before, it was a bit of trial by fire, and since the UX designer that worked on the wireframes prior to me joining AKQA had left the company I was tasked with making a lot of decisions on my own. In the end, the client selected one of the first options and we iterated on that for a few more days to come to a final solution. My contract ended with AKQA before the final code was shipped.

Landing page for Smart Data
Main navigation
The initial navigation that launched was based on icons, however as they continued to add articles and data sets the navigation would change to text only.
Internal page navigation
The internal Data section of the site had less options, so we opted for icons vs just text links.
Results page
Upon clicking one of the links from the navigation you would be give a results list of all possible options that are tied to that specific offering. By clicking the tags you would be able to cut the list down and get more granular with your search.
Detailed view of one of the articles
Once you found the data set you where looking for, certain people would have permission to change or edit the post. As well as like the data set and comment at the bottom of the page.