2016 NYC & SF Logos
Sports PR Summit
Event & Art Direction
Collaborators — Brad Kinzer, Photographer
Project Description

What started as a simple branding project over winter break in 2012, has grown into a multi-faceted branding and art direction project year-after-year. I first met Brian Berger when a mutual colleague introduced us, I was still working at Nike SPARQ at the time and Brian was in the beginning stages of creating the Sports PR Summit. All he initially needed was a logo to get him started on the right path. We did a few iterations and communicated via email while I was in Miami on a family holiday vacation to define the initial logo. Once the logo was set and the project started to take off, I came on to help define the overall visuals.

Sports PR Summit 2013 — MLB Fan Cave

In anything the first year is always the hardest, your trying to figure out budgets, what is going to work, will people attend etc. This event was no different in that regard, the only obstacle that we faced was that both Brian and I lived in Portland, Oregon and where planning an event to take place in New York City. Overall everything was a huge success for the first year, the event was written about on Forbes, The Oregonian and the Portland Business Journel.

MLB Fan Cave Lounge
MLB Fan Cave
SPRS 2013 Panel
SPRS Digital Screen on the MLB Fan Cave 'Cave Monster'
SPRS Notebooks
Another view of the'Cave Monster'
Sports PR Summit 2014 — MLB Fan Cave presnted by Postano

The biggest difference in 2014 vs. 2013, was that we brought on a presenting sponsor in Postano, and we also got a little more leway in some of the collateral pieces. Since we where back at the MLB Fan Cave, we knew the general layout - however they completely overhauled the space from 2013 to 2014 - and since it was back at MLB I wanted to play off the baseball theme. I talked with Brian about doing some wooden credentials, that are double laser etched and edge painted to give the event a more sophisticated appeal. The attendees of the event loved the credentials and bosted about them on social media.

Laser Etched Credentials'
Attendee Notebooks, program and attendee list'
Updated 'Cave Monster' view with Postano tweet
Social Media display at the entrace to the venue.'
Interview with Jeremy Schaap of ESPN
2015 Panel Discussion'
Sports PR Summit 2015 — MLB Fan Cave presnted by Postano

In 2015, we moved locations to the Sports Illustrated Auditorium at the Time Life Building. With the new venue we had new constraints, namely the space wasn't as visually appealing as the MLB Fan Cave. Also due to the new venue we had a new budget that only allowed some simple graphics for the projector. Overall the event was still a great success, each year we grow both in the attendees that come to the event, as well as the speakers we can attract for the panels.

View of the stage with initial graphics
Showing the Postano visualization screens
Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion
Sports PR Summit 2016 & Beyond

We are just getting underway for 2016, but it's already a pretty exiting year. We've signed on a new presenting sponsor in The Players' Tribune, attracted some pretty well known names in sport to be on our panel. And we've also launched our sister event Sports PR Summit Social Media Workshop hosted by Twitter in San Francisco. Once we get further down the path on these, I'll update this page, but I'm happy to annoynce we are bringing back the wooden credentials.

2016 NYC Logo
NYC Credential Test
2016 SF Logo